In Images – Cabin Fever

Touring La Jolla recently. The sunshine and ocean air were wonderfully fortifying after a week spent inside, coping with whatever virus hit me hard recently.

la jolla contemporary art

(Outdoor installation at the Museum of Contemporary Art San Diego)


(Onlookers at the Children’s Pool Beach, ogling the seals who have taken over)


(Pelicans roosting on an outcropping, seals swimming into shore)

la jolla cove

(The Pacific Ocean has always been my place for reflection and rejuvenation)

la jolla shore

(View of La Jolla Shores from La Jolla Cove – more seals in the foreground and the sea-kayak tour in the distance that has been added to the top of my ‘to-do on a sunny day’ list)

hang glider1

(Looking back at La Jolla from the Torrey Pines Gliderport)

blacks beach

(North view along Black’s Beach)


(A few braving the ocean – the sunshine was warming for both body and spirit; the water – I’d imagine – not so much)


6 responses to “In Images – Cabin Fever

  1. There is a display of that exact same magnitude and man (complete with singing arm hammer) here in Switzerland – I believe it’s in Basel. I have no idea what the significance is or if the artist set them up all over the world, but now I am motivated to find out.

  2. 🙂 Singing would be even better. He does move continuously, although I have no idea what the power source is (I think it would be cool if it was solar, but I have no clue)… It always reminds me of an Ayn Rand novel (which is rather unfortunate), but the scale is impressive…

  3. I saw those sculptures in Dallas, too. I want to say it was at the mall, which sounds weird, but there it is.

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