Weekly Travel Theme – Gaudy

holy hats

(She is just in time for Mardi Gras)

This week’s theme over at Where’s My Backpack  is “Gaudy”. Despite considering several interpretations I could run with, my mind kept returning to a weekly feature on my Researching Paris blog, the “Friday French Fashion Faux Pas (FFFFP), as the perfect answer to the gaudy call.

ffffp mom mt st michel

(Put on some clothes, mom!)

Paris is considered by many to be the fashion capital of the world. I do not dispute that and am the first to admit that the beautiful people-watching opportunities in that city beat any other by a country mile. I actually am quite in awe of how the French (women, in particular) look so good on a daily basis – in a laboratory, or simply stepping out for their morning baguette. Mostly, I was so impressed in the innate sense of style and self that each person seemed to have and express with little to no insecurity or self-consciousness (this, or they are putting on one hell of a show).


(The hammer/harem-pants jumpsuit. What the world NEVER needed)

Clearly, not everyone can walk out of their flat looking like supermodel. One’s iconic fashion statement is another’s sartorial disaster. This is not a fashion blog, nor do I claim to have a sharp eye or even an innate sense of personal style (I am a sweater, jeans and boots kind of girl). Yet with many in Paris taking such risks to look edgy and new, there were bound to be a few non-starters.  These are the FFFFPs I collected. And here, to honor all things gaudy, I share the best with you.

ffffp eiffel tower

(This is what the tourists are really standing in line to see under the Eiffel Tower)


(And, of course, everyone’s favorite Bastille Day mascots – hefty Spiderman and teenage Obi-Wan Kenobi) 

And now, a few newbies, collected before my departure when I was so bogged down in moving details that the weekly FFFFP feature was left by the wayside!


(Her outfit alone could light a city block)


(The French LOVE “le roller”, but there is nothing to love about that much spandex, except for maybe longer shorts?)


( I am going to go out on a limb and guess that she is actually not French. The socks-over-pants thing seems too much, even for some of the more wackadoo things I’ve seen – I’m going to go with American on that one.)


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  1. ブルガリ ソロテンポ

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