Postcard – Recovery


My job performing viral research provides me with a false (and completely naïve) sense of security. In reality, it turns out that no extent of knowledge or understanding about the pathology of various viruses will actually protect my body from succumbing to the worst of the seasonal species. Such was the case for most of the last week. The flu – the real flu – hit me hard, leaving me feverish, weak and completely unaware of my surroundings (or the passing of time) for the better part of five days. Since then I have slowly gathered my strength and returned to my regularly scheduled life. Of course no one or thing stopped because I was absent and the work I have to catch up on is daunting to say the least – hence my absence from this space despite my recuperation.

For the past two days, I have had the pleasure of attending a scientific meeting held at a posh hotel in downtown La Jolla (above was the sunset view from our veranda conference room – what you can’t see are the shrieking gulls that seemed to laugh at each speaker as they took the podium).  I always enjoy conferences – hearing about the newest results in a field is always exciting, motivating and leaves me filled with a renewed sense of optimism and potential. This was doubly the case this time around, as I used these two days to ease back into the working world. Sitting and listening to presentations let my mind do the heavy lifting while my body recovered the last of the flu-sapped strength.

I just wanted to say hello. To reassure friends and family that, at this point, all is well here and we shall be returning to our taco-fueled, CSA-driven exploration of San Diego fun, food and frolicking shortly!


4 responses to “Postcard – Recovery

  1. Sorry to hear that you were sick! When you coming up to Scripps Ranch?

    • Hopefully soon! I’m out of town from this Sat for next Thurs for another conference, but after that my schedule opens way up… It appears to be staying light late enough to start thinking about documenting the food-trucking extravaganza, or (if I’m lucky) maybe a martini tutorial? 🙂

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