Posting ’round these parts has clearly been a bit hit and miss as of late. Not only have I been ill, but I am also in the process of moving house and preparing to leave for another scientific conference tomorrow morning – this time in Atlanta, GA. What this means, mostly, is that I have been running around like a chicken with its head cut-off, doing laundry, unpacking one set of suitcases and packing others. Combined with trying to get through some immediate work deadlines before my departure, this has left little time for doing those things – like blogging – that feed my soul.

Enter Aurora. No, not the princess from Sleeping Beauty (although she is my favorite), but the concept – as described by Mere at Not Merely Living:

Aurora is my favorite word. It means dawn in Spanish… Each new dawn makes me feel as though I could do anything. Because each day is a new chance to live out your dreams and to embrace the life you want for yourself.”

I came across Mere’s Aurora post earlier this week during a calm moment in the eye of the storm. I was entranced by this idea of daily new beginnings – no need to wait for the New Year to make resolutions – each day could be a chance to make a needed change. With all the chaos swirling around me, this was a message I needed and, most importantly, was ready to hear. I immediately reached out to let her know how inspiring her words had been.

My favorite part of Mere’s quest to ‘embrace the life’ was that, rather than waxing rhapsodic about ideas for the distant future, she has set defined goals and made plans. For today. For tomorrow. That is my kind of perspective. One of Mere’s aims was to start a knitting club. This got me thinking.

Long story short (sort of, not really), after several back and forth emails in which our enthusiasm for all things crafty and group-oriented became abundantly clear, we have decided to initiate what we hope will be a monthly knit-a-long. Making our first pair of socks seemed to be an adequately epic and admirable goal; I cannot even express how excited we are. It’s fantastically awesomely silly, actually. And I love it.

I am packed for Atlanta – plenty of cold weather gear (a high of 45F tomorrow – eek!), notebooks at the ready and my sock knitting (and basic vanilla pattern, from this excellent book) ready to go. I am leaving behind a messy house and stacks of work, but I’m excited to challenge my mind professionally and feed my soul in only the way that creating something out of nothing more than two (well, five) sticks and some beautiful hand-dyed yarn can.

Thanks, Mere! Game on!!





4 responses to “Aurora

  1. RS-I don’t know how I just saw this post! So sorry I missed it. I am so excited that we have started this knitting journey together. Thank you for this beautiful post! I can’t wait until we are both wearing our snuggly new socks!

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