Weekly Travel Theme – Time


(Astrolabe, Musée des Arts et Métiers, Paris, France)

Despite the US clocks having undergone our Daylight Savings change several weeks before the rest of the world, I am delighted by Ailsa’s choice of “Time” as this week’s travel theme photo challenge from Where’s My Backpack. Time can be represented in so many ways – long, stretched shadows falling across faces or façades, spring flowers blooming quickly before succumbing to the heat of summer, or very literally with images of timepieces, forever locked in that moment by the snap of a shutter.

sundial nepal

(Stone sundial, Swayambhunath, Kathmandu, Nepal)

I am a huge history buff, as well as a lover of gadgets. Combined this means that I seek out the weird and wonderful tools and implements of the past to document and pour over, whether at a museum (where this behavior is encouraged), or walking down the narrow streets of a medieval city (where my attempt to get the right angle for a photo may cause an accident). One of my favorite things to photograph are clocks – of all eras. Here are some of my favorite timepieces from my travels, across time and space.

sundial cluny

(Sundial, Musée Cluny, Paris, France)

astrological clock, venice

(Torre dell’Orologio, Piazza San Marco, Venice, Italy)

astrological clock strasbourg

(Astronomical clock, Strasbourg Cathedral, Strasbourg, France)

sundial chartres

(Sundial, Chartres Cathedral, Chartres, France)

pocket sundial

(Pocket sundial, Musée des Arts et Métiers, Paris, France)

modern clock

(For when you are feeling a bit French)





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