March #knittingclub recap: socks


I feel like such a geezer whenever I catch myself thinking of how fast time feels like it is passing by. And, truly, March flew faster than any month in recent memory. From the perspective of April, at least. So much happened and I keep reminding myself that I have reasons to feel like I’ve barely been treading water –ย moving house, multiple conferences and quite a bit of travel all piled up.IMG_0091One of the tasks I voluntarily added to this list was my Aurora project, a inter-blog knitting ‘club’ with the aim of completing my first pair of hand-knit socks. Inspired by my sock-making partner, Mere’s, philosophy of striving for your goals and dreams on a daily basis, I decided that maybe what I also needed in the month of March was a creative, controlled outlet for when the rest of the chaos of life got to be too much.


I may have bitten off more than I can chew. As you can see in the second-to-last photo, today is April 2nd and the second sock remains incomplete. Regardless of finishing on time, I am so glad I started this project (and hope to wrap things up quite soon). There is something so soothing to me about the repetitive, cyclical motion of knitting. I need to think about what I am doing just enough that I can keep the rest of my teeming thoughts at bay.


Though the project did provide many moments of peace and quiet, it was also filled with new challenges that I had not previously encountered – turning heels and instep gussets – that kept me coming back, pushing myself and my limited crafty skills just a few steps further. It was incredibly satisfying and the amount of pride I felt when that first sock was finished was tremendous. I am pretty sure I met everyone who walked through my door foot-first, insisting on their recognition of my accomplishment, before even saying hello. During a month that felt like it was out to get me, surrounded by work and deadlines drawing near, it was both a relief and a gift to have a task that was under my control and genuinely fulfilling.


Clearly, I still have a bit of work still left to go, although I am almost done with the last decreases on the sock-in-progress and it is pretty much downhill from there. The already completed sock is slightly too big for me, which is not surprising as I have stupidly tiny feet. In my quest for a almost-perfect pair of hand-made socks, I am contemplating tearing it out and having another go with the more precise sizing worked out. I figure it is just part of the learning curve and, now that I am comfortable with how it all works, I think I will enjoy it more the third time around.


By far, the best part of this entire project has been getting to know Mere and sharing our progress on our respective socks. She has introduced me to Instagram, where we have been posting the in-progress photos I am now sharing here (follow me @researchingsandiego, #knittingclub, #socks). It has been a great platform for us to offer encouraging words and enthusiasm as we see day-to-day crafty progress, not to mention it’s obvious potential as a tool for other photographic pursuits (yes, I am *that* late to the party).

honey cowl

(Photo from

We have already discussed and decided upon April’s project, one that appears to be a little less daunting, Madelinetosh’s Honey Cowl (If you peruse the yarn link, I’m currently trying to decide between the Sequoia, Forestry or Baltic colorways of Tosh DK – any suggestions?). These cowls seem to be all the rage amongst the knitty blogging community. As with the socks, I am super excited to share a creative project with a new friend. Besides,ย I have the distinct feeling that between socks and cowls, my Christmas crafting may start early this year!


14 responses to “March #knittingclub recap: socks

  1. Yay! I have been going crazy with crocheting the past few weeks – I’ve finished two projects and am over halfway through a lap afghan (I’ll get pictures up on my blog soon). And I completely agree about the soothing part of it – I can’t find the actual scientific study, but here’s an article about it:

  2. Lissa, so happy to see you’ve found a creative outlet that’s so colorful! If you’re on the outlook for really unique yarns, have you checked out DyeForYarn yet? They’re awesome. Colors like “peacock butterfly taking a dirt nap” or “severe cobalt intoxication”… Guess what the owners did before they started dyeing their own silk and wool…? ๐Ÿ™‚
    Cheers and knit on, gals! — Nadine

    • Thanks for the link! I’m always excited to have new yarn to lust after ๐Ÿ˜‰ And I completely agree – it is amazing how satisfying working with ones hands, especially if it involves bursts of color, can be! Wanna join for the next round?

  3. I think you should make yourself one in Forestry or Sequoia. I’ll take one in Lepidoptra. Kthxbye!

  4. Baltic! Although all of them are beautiful colors with cute names (Molly Ringwald!) Can you teach me how to make one?

  5. Aw yay friend!! I feel exactly the same way! I’m so glad that our paths have crossed. My favorite part of this new club has definitely been getting to know you! I’m excited to get together if you’re out this way later this month. ๐Ÿ™‚ I am loving the cowl so much already. I like being back on a circular needle.

    • Yay! I ordered my fancy plush yarn yesterday and I received a shipping notice today – so excited!! My goal for the weekend is to finish those socks once and for all ๐Ÿ™‚ I *will* be up at the end of the month – details forthcoming – and I can’t wait to visit in person and discuss all kinds of Paris tips and tricks! Thank YOU for being so awesome and open – here’s to much more knitting fun!

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