In Images – Happy Birthday!


(A fitting setting for a birthday celebration, in front of the Geisel Library)

Reliving our delicious dinner at Bankers Hill Bar & Restaurant in yesterday post made me curious as to what other photos may be lurking in my February-March photo archives. Apparently during that one month of spotty (to put it nicely) posting, I did not stop planning for the blog in any way. My camera came with me to every eatery and long walk in the sunshine. Good to know I have plenty of blog fodder for those days that pass without giving up an iota of inspiration.


(The Teeny Tiny Pit Orchestra, playing songs from the Cat in the Hat Songbook)

One of my favorite events of that period was just over one month ago – the celebration of Dr. Seuss’s birthday by the entire UCSD campus, observed one day early on March 1st.

DSC_0010 DSC_0014

(More small Seussian songs – with strange and bizarre instruments included)

Theodore Geisel, a.k.a. Dr. Seuss, was a stupendously talented children’s book author, beloved worldwide for his wacky, colorful characters. 2013 would have been his 109th birthday. UCSD shares a special connection with the good Dr. as he spent his later years enjoying life in sunny La Jolla. Upon his death in 1991, his widow, Audrey Geisel, donated a tremendous number of original documents (high school doodles!) and a considerable sum to support the UCSD libraries and it’s newly acquired, very special collection.


(The event was open to the public, and several elementary school classes showed up to celebrate – complete with handmade hats in tow)

Unfortunately, I was not able to make it to the annual showing of the complete collection (stressful March strikes again!), which is said to be mind-bendingly fantastic. I did find time, however, to take a break from the lab long enough to soak up a bit of sun, smile at the wackiness that Seuss evokes from kids and adults alike and, of course, enjoy some cake. Despite no evidence for it, I am assuming that the delicious concoction, chocolate cake with butterscotch filling and a cream cheese frostong was the Dr’s favorite. Somehow that makes me feel closer to him and happier for it.


(Cutting the cake – the UCSD Chancellor and head Geisel Librarian were in attendance to distribute cake and greet guests)


(Cupcakes supplemented the main birthday cake, and the very cheerful volunteers were happy to play along)

DSC_0026(The cake – before we consumed it all – described above and definitely better than your typical store-bought sheet cake. Sunshine, free cake, trippy music and lots of smiles… definitely the best way to end the week). 



2 responses to “In Images – Happy Birthday!

  1. What fun celebration! I love all the cat in the hat hats!

  2. I know, right? The kids were adorable – especially watching them walk (in single file line) up to watch the band (photos unusable because I would not want a Tiger Mom to find a full pic of her kid on my site), but still fantastic!

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