Moment of Silence

I had big plans for the blog today. Back on the wagon, so to speak, after some very productive science these past few days. I had photos to share and stories to tell. And then Boston happened. And I am speechless.       boston by night

Even the happiest of stories doesn’t feel right to share right now – that somehow focusing on anything else would be failing those in shock and pain that need our good thoughts, somehow reducing their sorrow to something on par with my ramblings.

freedom trail sam adams statue

So, instead I am choosing to use this space to publicly grieve with a city that was my home for 7 years; a place where I loved, lost and learned what life has to offer each of us. Boston and her people are resilient and they take great pride in their iron will and unflappable spirit. I have no doubt that they will rise from this tragedy stronger than ever.


Although no longer my actual home, Boston will always hold a very special place in my heart. It is where my heart, my mind and my words are today.


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